Recipe For Beginners

Lemon Kale Pasta

From The Bad Wife





Pecans or almonds


Fresh lemon Garlic

To Taste

Salt, Pepper, olive oil

Wash the kale, massaging with your hands.

Get ready to cook

Chop your nuts and kale.

Fill up a pot of water, salt it, and set it over high heat to boil.

Green Leaf

While the pasta cooks, build the warm salad

Squeeze the lemon right into the pan

Grate the parmesan into the skillet 

Add the cooked pasta

Toss to combine, adding more olive oil or cheese as you like

Top with more parm, fresh lemon zest, or a little chili flake

Ready in under 30 minutes

Laura, aka The Bad Wife, creates recipes that are perfect for personalizing. Often, she includes vegetarian or gluten-free options for her Southern-style comfort food recipes. With lots of support and tips, you are free to experiment, mess up, and try new things! Laura firmly believes in the Perfectly Imperfect mindset - hence the name - and brings that to her recipes.

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